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Jurassic Friends NFT 1
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Plans for the future

Jurassic Friends Roadmap

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Jurassic Friends
NFT Road Map

Quarter 1

  • Jurassic Friends idea is developed
  • The artist begins work on images
  • Meeting with investors
  • Research and development
  • Meeting with coder
  • Meeting with potential utilities

Quarter 2

  • Meeting with lawyers
  • Jurassic Friends NFT LLC is incorporated
  • NDA’s are distributed
  • Social Media accounts set up
  • Research and development
  • Review and finalization of the 10K collection
  • Meeting regarding the partnership with The American Cancer Society
  • Meeting with multiple marketing agencies
  • Website goes live
  • Meeting with accountants
  • Meeting with investors
  • Social Media marketing initiates
  • Advertising and marketing ramps up

Quarter 3

  • Finalizing the partnership with The American Cancer Society
  • Advertising and marketing on full scale
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Research and development
  • Meeting with investors
  • Whitelist/Presale
    • TBA
  • Public mint
    • TBA
  • Promotional tools
  • Access to exclusive giveaways
  • Incentives for early investors
  • Seek out more utilities and ways to expand community incentives
  • Percentage of sales deposited to the company account for expansion efforts
  • Percentage of sales donated to partnership charity

Quarter 4

  • Initiate more utility options for the community
  • Meeting with investors
  • Social media and community engagement
  • Meeting with lawyers
  • Research and development
  • Meeting with accountants
  • Begin work on Jurassic Friends NFT collection 2 with exclusive incentives for existing T. Rex owners
  • Much more to be announced at a later date

Year 2023

January & Beyond
  • Work with developers to stabilize mint site
  •  Work with developers to improve smart contract
  •  New launch date
  •  Begin work on Jurassic Friends NFT children’s books
  • Begin work on Jurassic Friends NFT games
  • Begin work on Jurassic Friends NFT toysBegin work on Jurassic Friends animations on our YouTube Channel
  • Much more utilities to come!
A decentralized Ethereum scaling platform

The Polygon Network

Polygon is revolutionary. It is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform with faster and lower transaction fees without ever sacrificing security on the Ethereum. It uses layer 2 sidechains that run along the Ethereum main chain. Notable mentors of this network include Mark Cuban of Mark Cuban Companies, Pete Kim from Coinbase, Hudson Jameson from the Ethereum Foundation, and many more. 

Jurassic Friends NFT 9

A sample of the T. Rex dinosaurs living on the Polygon network

There will be a total of 10,000 T. Rex’s released in the first colleciton.

Jurassic Friends NFT 4
Jurassic Friends NFT 5
Jurassic Friends NFT 7
Jurassic Friends NFT 2